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NuGo Nutrition NuGo Organic® Bar Double Dark Chocolate

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NuGo Organic® is made delicious by enrobing in REAL Dark Chocolate! Have you ever noticed that chocolate coated protein bars taste waxy and too sweet? It''s because they''re covered wit chocolate flavored vegetable fat, an unhealthy saturated fat that can raise bad cholesterol (LDL) above normal ranges. For people with cholesterol levels within a normal range, REAL Dark Chocolate can  help maintain good cholesterol (HDL).

NuGo Organic®, Real dark chocolate. Real delicious.®

Why Organic?

Organically grown foods can improve the overall quality of our planet by reducing the impact on the environment. The USDA Organic Standards limit the use of most conventional pesticide, hormones and antibiotics in organic foods. According to the USDA, standards restrict any artificial preservatives or flavor additives in NuGO Organic® Nutrition Bars.

Organic Farming

Organic farmers utilize sustainable and natural farming methods to preserve and protect our environment while improving the overall quality of their produce. Working with organic farmers, we proudly offer you and your family a genuinely healthy and delicious organic product that we feel is aiding in the protection of our planet.

NuGO Organic®,,,Making A Delicious Difference In Your Health And The Sustainable Quality Of Our World!