Wakefield Wildlife Premium Squirrel Feeder Plus 10 lbs Virgina Peanuts for Animals Perspective: front
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Wakefield Wildlife Premium Squirrel Feeder Plus 10 lbs Virgina Peanuts for Animals

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Wakefield premium squirrel feeders are hand-crafted in the USA and made of only the finest, sustainably-grown Eastern White Pine Wood. Eastern White Pine is an ideal material for squirrel feeders because it is light in weight and easy to hang. Many people enjoy feeding and observing the squirrels in their backyard, as they are well-known for providing hours of entertainment through their silly antics throughout the day. It is also a great way to help prevent the squirrels from eating out of your bird feeders. The Wakefield Peanut Box Feeder is a great way to train your squirrels to continually return to the same food source. We include 10 lbs of Wakefield Virginia Peanuts for your feeder, which are a favorite amongst many different types of squirrels, chipmunks and birds, making them the perfect attractant for getting and keeping animals in your yard. To best train the squirrels to use the squirrel feeder, prop the lid open with a peanut and squirrels will quickly learn to lift the lid, sit on the shelf and consume the peanuts. The lid also provides great protection from the wind and elements, keeping the peanuts fresh and dry. Squirrels have an amazing sense of hearing and are able to view the peanuts through the plexiglass front, so they always know when there's a meal to be had. Squirrels have two peak times of activity during the day: early morning and mid-afternoon. During the winter they are most active around noontime. This squirrel munch box can easily be mounted to a tree, fence or post by nail. The dimensions of this feeder are 10"H x 5.5"W x 11"D. Each Wakefield Squirrel Feeder is constructed to last and includes a brochure that describes the species, placement and maintenance of the squirrel feeder.