Ask Chef Mike

Marinade Magic from Chef Mike

Publish Date June 27, 2024 1 Minute Read

Dear Chef Mike,

I love grilling in the summer, and I would like to start experimenting with marinades. Do you have a trusty recipe or any tips you could share?

–Flavor Freshman

Dear Flavor Freshman,

You bet I do! The flavors in my Lemon Herb Marinade recipe work well with chicken, steak or vegetables, so it’s a total crowd-pleaser. Before adding your protein or veggies to the marinade, reserve some for basting. Basting as you grill helps the flames fire back up, adding even bigger flavor. I also love to finish my dishes with Private Selection™ Glaze with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, flaky sea salt and fresh herbs.

 Three bottles of spices

Private Selection Bold and Savory Poultry Seasoning Rub

Enjoy some spice — and a little bit of heat — with this poultry seasoning rub. It boasts notes of garlic and citrus.

Simple Truth Organic™ Everything Bagel Seasoning Blend

This versatile crowd-pleaser is equally at home in grilled dishes. It adds a burst of crunch and savory flavor.

Private Selection 5 Salt and 5 Pepper Seasoning Rub

Dress up steak, ribs, roast or chicken with this earthy and savory rub that includes fleur de sel and cayenne pepper.