How to Build Your Own Balloon Arch

Colorful balloon arch

Looking for a quick and colorful way to create an incredible atmosphere for your next event? Try a balloon arch! They're not just for proms and school dances; these gorgeous decorations transform any party space, are simple to set up and a snap (or should we say pop?) to clean up. Read on to find out how to make a stunning balloon arch that will set the mood for your next celebration.


  • Masking tape
  • A solid frame for your arch (curtain rod, wire or plastic trim)
  • 2 buckets filled with stones or sand
  • Balloons
  • Hand-held balloon pump
  • String or additional wire, for affixing balloons

How to Build Your Balloon Arch:

1. Choose your balloons

This is the fun part. You can use big balloons, emoji balloons, word balloons… you can even turn your balloons into unicorns! However, remember that you’ll need a number of regular balloons to create the base of any design idea.

2. Blow up your balloons

With any craft project, it’s a good idea to have more supplies than you think you’ll need – so blow up plenty of balloons. Also, make sure you are blowing up balloons in various sizes, to help you shape the arch and give it depth. Blowing up this many balloons by mouth is difficult and can cause dizziness, which is why a hand-held balloon pump is recommended.

3. Choose your arch

You can use a sturdy curtain rod, wire, or flexible, sturdy plastic trim to form more of an arch shape. It’s important to make sure your arch stays put; if you’re creating a full “rainbow” shape that reaches the ground, fill two buckets with stones or sand to weigh and anchor the structure down on each end. Make your buckets part of the design by topping each with festive, colored paper shreds.

4. Attach the balloons to the arch

Attach masking tape to the knot of the ballon, then secure directly to the arch. If masking tape isn’t effective with the frame you’ve chosen, try using string or wire (tied around the balloon knot) to affix the balloons to the arch.

5. Tape on more balloons

You’ll be glad that you blew up lots of balloons—it takes quite a few to make the arch look festive! To make sure your arch is as fun and festive as possible, continue securing balloons of all shapes and sizes, both to the arch and to other balloons already secured.

Once your arch is complete, enjoy the party – and take lots of pictures!

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