How to Cut a Bell Pepper

How to Cut a Bell Pepper

Publish Date June 10, 2024 1 Minute Read

How to Cut a Bell Pepper

What’s not to love about bell peppers? No matter how you cut them, these flavorful peppers are a key ingredient in many zesty chili, stir-fry and salsa recipes. Plus, they’re bursting with vitamin C, and they also contain vitamin A, potassium, fiber, folic acid and iron. But have you ever wondered how to cut a bell pepper?

How to Cut Bell Peppers

Learn how to cut a bell pepper and take your knife skills to the next level.

First Things First

Before you get to slicing, you’ll want to be sure you choose peppers that are firm, shiny, unblemished and wrinkle free. A good bell pepper typically feels heavy for its size. Did you know that the color and ripeness of a bell pepper can be determined by the amount of time it spends on the plant? Green bell peppers are the least ripe, then yellow, orange, red and purple. As they mature, not only does the color, but so does the sweetness. Green bell peppers can be slightly bitter, while red bell peppers tend to be the sweetest.

Getting Back to How to Cut Bell Peppers...

Once you’ve washed and dried your peppers, you’ll want to choose the right knife for slicing. To make smooth, clean cuts, try using a carving knife. Stand the pepper upright and slice 4 sides of the pepper to remove the rind and seeds. Then, keeping the knife tip on the cutting board, slice in a rocking motion. When slicing, try to guide the knife along the back of your fingers to avoid cutting yourself. Continue the steps above until your bell peppers are all sliced.

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