Holiday cards decorated for the home

Top 5 Home Décor Ideas for the Holidays

These simple, do-half-of-it-yourself projects require minimal supplies and steps but take your home décor up a festive notch.

1. Ornament Garland

String ornaments onto ribbon for a bubbly accent to hang on your balcony or over the mantle. We recommend using plastic ornaments instead of glass. You can easily find color-coordinating plastic ornaments. Deck the halls in red and green, or silver and gold, and make a garland statement that complements your typical décor.

2. Card Garland

What should you do with old holiday cards? Instead of burying the sentiments one on top of another in a messy pile, put them on display! String colorful yarn or ribbon across your mantle or bannister, then use clothespins to clip cards to it.

3. Kid’s Christmas Tree

Sometimes, kids have their own visions for decorating the tree. Encourage creativity by providing them with their own evergreen canvas. Create a Christmas tree on their bedroom or playroom wall, using green construction paper and painter’s tape. They can draw on it, stamp it or sticker it, or make felt ornaments to paste to it.

4. Pomander Mantle Message

Decorate oranges with cloves to make pomander balls that spell out a message on the mantle. Use a fork tine or needle to poke tiny holes in the oranges, into which you can then insert cloves. In this manner, you can form dot-matrix letters—make one letter per orange. Then, use the oranges to spell out your family name, a welcome message, or what-have-you on your mantle or table. They should last several days to a week, and your home will smell wonderful!

5. Stairway of Presents

Wrap empty boxes or books in gift paper and line one side of your front staircase with them. Use different patterns of giftwrap, ribbons and bows for the “presents” to add some ascendant holiday cheer to your front stairwell.

Note: If you or someone in your household has mobility limitations or impaired sight, or if there are small children in the house, it might be better to pass on this idea. Use good sense when it comes to safety!