How to Grill with Cedar Plank

Publish Date April 25, 2024 4 Minute Read

Cedar Plank Salmon with Watermelon Feta Salsa

The cedar adds a delicious smoky flavor to the fish.

What if we told you that there’s one simple technique that can lock in moisture and add deep, woodsy flavor to everything you grill, from salmon to pineapple to vegetables? That’s the wonder of grilling on cedar planks. Explore how simple it can be to do your grilling on cedar planks by checking out these quick tips and tricks.

What Does Grilling on a Cedar Plank Do?

Thin slabs of cedar wood can be purchased at any Kroger Co. Family Store. Because they’re soaked in advance, they can give off moisture during the grilling process, which means anything grilled on cedar can retain plenty of juiciness. And, as the planks heat up, they give off a fresh and smoky flavor.

What Can You Grill on a Cedar Plank?

Many grill masters particularly love what plank grilling does for salmon, imparting subtle flavors from the wood. But many foods benefit from the slow, gentle cooking process that cedar plank grilling provides. Mild, tender proteins are a good place to start, so consider whitefish, chicken or scallops. Also, don’t forget vegetables or fruits. Since you won’t need to add a lot of oil, your protein and produce will be more nutritious and lower in fat.

Finally, when it comes time for dessert, consider pineapple, apples, peaches or any other firm stone fruit. Add the hot plank-grilled fruit to a bowl of homemade ice cream, and you’ve got a deliciously fresh summer dessert.

Cedar Plank Salmon

Using cedar planks simplifies the process of grilling salmon, since the fish won’t stick to the grates during cooking. The cedar also adds a delicious smoky flavor to the fish.

More Tips for Grilling on a Cedar Plank

Follow the package instructions on the planks for guidance on how long to soak them before grilling. You can soak them in water, or you can get fancy with fruit juice, wine or herbs. Once planks are thoroughly soaked, fire up the grill and get cooking.

You’ll need to be patient with this cooking method since wood conducts heat more slowly than metal. Your foods may take a few minutes longer than usual, but it’ll be worth the wait. The good news is that this cooking method is mostly hands-off, so you don’t need to be flipping and fussing over the planks. Close the lid, set a timer and relax while the cedar planks do the work for you.

If your planks aren’t overly blackened after you’re finished cooking, you might be able to wash them off and get another use or two out of them. After that, they’ve probably served their purpose, so break them into pieces for the next time you grill with wood chips.

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