5 Green Smoothie Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

A green, St. Patrick's Day inspired smoothie in a mason jar with two straws surrounded by collard greens, grapes and a lime

Step aside sugar and preservative packed smoothies. Better-for-you ingredients are all the rage these days! 

Go green this St. Patrick's Day by blending up a delicious green smoothie full of good-luck nutrition, healthy greens and veggies. Mixed with fruit and other ingredients, you'll hardly notice the green additions. Be adventurous and experiment to create your own concoctions, or try one of these fabulous combos:

  • Collard greens (or spinach), frozen mango, fresh lime juice and green grapes
  • Spinach, green grapes and coconut milk
  • Kale, apple juice, celery and banana, with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  • Strawberry, spinach, frozen bananas, coconut water and pomegranate seeds
  • Mint, avocado and pistachio nuts, with coconut milk and vanilla protein powder

Pro Smoothie Tips:

  • Add liquid to the blender first, followed by greens and finish with any fruit or vegetable chunks.
  • If your smoothie seems too thin, just add a couple of ice cubes and blend.
  • If your blender has varied speeds, start on low to break up larger chunks. Then go to the high/purée setting until your smoothie perfectly smooth.