How to Create the Perfect Game Day Grazing Table 

how to create the perfect gameday spread

Prepping for your basketball viewing party doesn’t have to be madness! Think charcuterie meets buffet-style setup, and you’re looking at a grazing table. It’s the perfect, laid-back alternative to a formal meal or even preparing countless dishes for a buffet. Arrange a clean countertop with colorful, whole foods that double as décor, all the chips and dips, bite-sized pizza and an array of snacks so guests can feel welcome to graze through game day at their leisure.   

Shop with a crowd in mind. Order party subs and fruit, vegetable and cheese platters ahead of time. Buy big packs of pretzels, snacking nuts, bakery cookies, etc. Make Oven Baked Crispy Tofu with BBQ Dipping Sauce for folks who want a fulfilling, protein-packed snack. 

Include options everyone can enjoy. Gluten-free chips and crackers should be labeled as such. The Mediterranean Salad Pizza is an easy refresh on your typical game day pie—and it’s vegan! Consider kombucha for a low-sugar beverage; it’s a bubbly tea-derived drink that comes in many different flavors and is full of probiotics (great for your digestive system). For those friends focusing on veggie variety in their diet, serve Caramelized Carrots with Herbed Mushroom Topping. Agave-Thyme Whiskey Sours are a four-ingredient cocktail made with organic agave. Mix up a whole pitcher—yum!  

Organize the table so that it’s easy to navigate and pretty to look at. You’ll need a few cake stands to create more space, platters for party subs and pizza bites, a slow cooker or two (did someone say fondue?) and many serving bowls. Remove food from packages, make cute labels and set dishes close together for a cohesive and abundant look. 

Decorate with your team’s favorite colors. Napkins, plates and utensils can color coordinate to who you’re rooting for. Spruce up the room with balloons and flowers to bring a little spring inside. You can also tie a fun basketball balloon to your mailbox to welcome your guests before they even park. 

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