A Ghostly Mobile

Woman holding a homemade mobile with multiple tissue ghosts hanging from a plate

Created by: Elisabeth McKnight, Bella

Hang this spooky mobile over your table spread to add a little ghostly fun to your Halloween party this year.

All you need for these simple ghosts is a bag of cotton balls, a box of tissues and a bit of string. With tape, thread and a foam plate, you can turn them into a fun mobile to hang over your Halloween table spread, or string them up on a piece of twine for a ghostly garland perfect for your mantle.

To make each ghost, simply wrap a tissue around two cotton balls. Then, using your string, tie the 'head' of the ghost. Feel free to add faces if you'd like. Tape pieces of white thread of various lengths around the edge of a foam plate to make the mobile. Then tape the bottom of each piece of string to the head of a different ghost. For easy hanging, poke a hole in the foam plate, thread a string through, and secure with a triple knot at the bottom. This prevents the string from slipping back through the hole.


  • P$$T…™ Tissues
  • Kroger® Cotton Balls
  • White ribbon, string or twine
  • White thread, tape and P$$T…™ Foam Plates for the mobile