Evergreen Silhouette Painting Craft for Kids

A long, horizontal piece of white paper covered in tree silhouettes of various sizes and shades of green

This super-easy holiday art project is great for kids of all ages and can be done with supplies you might already have at home.

Tip: If you don’t have holiday-hued paints, use bright colors or whatever you have on hand. You’ll be surprised at how sleek your modern masterpiece turns out!

Things You'll Need:

  • Two pieces of paper
  • Green and silver paints (or your choice of colors)
  • Clear adhesive tape


  1. Cut out an evergreen tree shape from a piece of paper and secure it to a larger piece of paper using loops of tape.
  2. Have your child paint over and around his or her tree using green and silver paints. No need to be neat here—in fact, the messier, the better!
  3. Carefully peel off the tree and tape to reveal a striking negative-space image.