How to Make a Holiday Wreath Chandelier

Vertical wreath hanging with green ribbon

Many people enjoy lush, green holiday wreaths. The fragrance and familiarity are classic comforts of the season. This year, update the tradition. Instead of hanging a wreath on a door or wall, use it to make a botanical chandelier! Use different-sized wreaths to make tiers. Hang them over a dining table or over your front stoop. 

Things You'll Need: 

  • Wreath (or 2-3 wreaths of different sizes, if you want to create a tiered chandelier)
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Scissors
  • Ceiling hook(s)


  1. Decide where you’ll hang your chandelier. If there’s not a ceiling hook in place, to which you could tie the suspending ribbon or twine, you’ll need to place some. Note the hooks’ weight limit; make sure they’re appropriate for the job. Use a stud-finder to locate an appropriate spot for affixing your hook.
  2. Tie three equal lengths of ribbon to the wreath; they should be tied an equal distance from one another. If you’re creating a tiered chandelier, repeat this step, tying each new wreath to the next at 3 equidistant points.
  3. Remember, the type of ribbon you chose will influence the overall look. Wide, velvet ribbon feels sophisticated. Glittered ribbon adds glam. Plaid ribbon or package twine adds a cozy country feel. If you want the evergreens to remain the focus, use an understated ribbon that coordinates to the general shade of the wreath.
  4. The three ribbons at the top of your wreath chandelier will need to be tied together and securely looped to the ceiling hook. Before tying them, re-measure all three ribbons and verify they’re of equal length, so your chandelier won’t hang crooked. Trim ribbons as necessary.

Voila! You now have a lovely holiday chandelier.

Two wreaths hanging as a chandelier by green ribbon and wrapped in Christmas lights