Kid Friendly New Years Eve Printable Colorable Glasses

Printable, colorful eyeglasses shapes with a pair of scissors and markers

Created by: Amy Christie, this heart of mine

Say good-bye to the old and celebrate the New Year with the little ones. Using this easy-to-make pattern, let them make their own festive eyewear so they can greet the new year in style.

Things You’ll Need:


  1. Print the paper glasses onto white cardstock.
  2. Color the glasses as desired.
  3. Use scissors to cut out the glasses shapes.
  4. Fold the glasses on the dashed lines.
  5. On the folded tab, place double-sided tape to stick on one arm of the glasses. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Wear to ring in the New Year!

Celebrating the start of a new year is a fun, significant event for children to participate in. Get them involved in the party and create memories that will last a lifetime.