Patriotic Party Cones

Patriotic cones with decorations like stickers, glitter and pom poms

Looking for a craft to keep the kids busy during the big summer barbecue? Let their creative juices flow with this patriotic (and practical) activity. After they’ve decorated their party cone with stars and stripes, the kids can fill their holders with sweet treats – a delicious reward for their efforts.

Pick Your Paper

When you stick to just red, white and blue, you can use most types of paper to make patriotic party cones. However, the best choice is craft paper, which isn’t too flimsy or too thick for little fingers to handle. It’s is available in sheets that measure 8½”x10” – the best size for making cones that are comfortable for both children and adults to hold.

Coloring Equipment & Embellishments

Older children might appreciate paintbrushes and paint, while younger children can work best with crayons and markers. Patriotic colors are the obvious choice, but you can branch out into black for outlining and silver for extra sparkle. Small decorative flag stickers, beads and other embellishments add to the fun. You’ll also need scissors, glue and sticky tape to hold everything together. When they’re done, fill the cones with popcorn, marshmallows, candy or other small treats.

Making the Cone

Most of the fun of this craft is in the decoration, but the kids are just as capable of making the cone itself, too. Have them turn the longest side of the paper to face them, then peel up one of the corners. All they have to do is curl the corner in and keep rolling, holding the bottom section tight until the paper takes a cone shape. Fix the edges in place with tape, and the party cone is ready for fillings.

Games, Competitions and More

Making patriotic party cones is a simple activity by itself, but there’s plenty you can do to expand on it. Hide the materials and equipment and send your guests on a treasure hunt. After the hunt is over, announce a competition for the most beautiful, inspiring or patriotic design, and the most well-made cone. When it’s time to fill the cones, put down some clean sheets and shower the children with goodies to catch in their cones. With a little imagination, you can provide hours of fun.