Treat Mom like the Queen She is with the Gift of Self Care

Think about it: There’s no “me” in the word “mother.” So with Mother’s Day upon us, we can think of no better way to honor her than by giving her something precious: some “me time.” Our moms work so hard for us every day, always caring for others with love and devotion. Often, caring for herself is her last priority. Let’s remind her that self-care is essential—it’s good for her health and well-being and can give her the tools she needs to regroup, rewind and relax.

Here are some self-care options most any mom would appreciate:

  • A day off. Motherhood is a 24/7 job, so give her a “vacation day” to do whatever she wants. Bonus: have chores done and dinner ready.
  • Extra Zzz’s. Mom’s often the first one up in the morning. How about letting her sleep in? Sssh, do not disturb! Would she enjoy breakfast in bed when she wakes up?
  • Spa time. Give her a selection of pampering goodies—scented bath bombs, a luxurious lotion, an aromatherapy candle, a foot soak or a few facial masks, for instance. Then give her a completely uninterrupted hour or two to soak it all in.
  • Gift cards. If she has a favorite salon, treat her with a gift card for services. Maybe she’d like to try a new haircut or color, a professional facial or a mani/pedi. Another great idea? A gift card for a massage or to her favorite shopping destination.
  • Favorite hobby? Does mom love quilting, sewing, reading or cooking? Cater to her special interest with items suited to her favorite activity.
  • Workout gear. How about new workout duds, a water bottle, a yoga mat or new running shoes? Or simply give her the time off she needs to enjoy a solo run.
  • Something to wear. She’d love a cute new top for summer or a pair of comfy sleep pants. The Kroger Co. Family of Stores’ new Dip collection features stylish, affordable choices.
  • Garden day. Mother’s Day is the start of the gardening season in many areas. Give her an afternoon to dig in the dirt to her heart’s content. A cute basket filled with new gardening tools would thrill her as well.
  • A bottle of wine, her favorite snacks, and a night to binge-watch. Let her indulge in her favorite series or movies. All. By. Herself.
  • A personal expression. Moms love to hear how much they’re loved and appreciated. Write her a poem or song, draw her a picture or write her a special little essay on what she means to you. Love her up. Hand out plenty of hugs and kisses. And encourage her to take time for herself, knowing that the rest of the family is there to support her.