Simple Solution for a Perfect Host Gift

Gift tag on host gift

We all like to express appreciation for an invite, but sometimes there’s that awkward little shuffle at the door. Your host greets you with a hectic hello and a quick thanks, while thinking about their simmering pots on the stove or the appetizers that need to go on a tray.

Opening a gift and expressing proper appreciation, or running off to find a vase for flowers, is not #1 on their list of priorities in the moment.

Here’s a simple solution – simply put together an R&R kit that they can use to unwind the day after the party and seal the deal with a large, mysterious tag that says “Don’t Open for 24 Hours.”

Your host can set it aside guilt-free and look forward to a surprise the next day.

What goes in the R&R gift? If you know the host well, you can choose their favorite ways to relax. If you don’t, there are treats that almost everyone enjoys.

  • Candies, chocolates, miniature cookies, fudge
  • Spa day essentials like lovely bubble baths, soaps and lotions
  • Gift Card for their favorite music downloads
  • Pretty teacup, tea or coffee and imported shortbread
  • Gift Card for a movie or dinner
  • Interesting bottle of wine and a fun wine bottle stopper
  • Luxurious beeswax candles
  • Gift Card or certificate for a massage and essential oils
  • Cute picnic blanket, two glasses and a bottle of wine
  • Artisan marble cheese board, cheese and crackers

Pack your choice in a cute box or bag labeled “R&R Kit” and remember the big tag that says “Don’t Open for 24 Hours.”