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      We have simplified the food label by providing an easy-to-use Nutrition Rating. Items receive a Nutrition Rating (1-100) based on an assessment of their nutrition content. Foods with higher ratings offer more nutritional value. OptUP can help you answer the question "Is this healthy?" To check Nutrition Ratings as you shop, look for the nutrition information on each product page.

      Driven by knowledge from our team of expert Registered Dietitians, OptUP’s Nutrition Ratings leverage data science, nutrition information, and machine learning to provide a score from 1-100.

      In order to compare foods equally, foods are rated based on 100g of solid food or 240ml of beverages.

      Ratings tend to INCREASE from foods high in:

      • Fruits
      • Vegetables
      • Nuts
      • Whole grains
      • Protein
      • Fiber
      • Healthy fats

      Ratings tend to DECREASE from foods containing more:

      • Added sugar
      • Sodium
      • Calories
      • Unhealthy fats
      Nutrition Ratings are most useful to locate more nutritious options within food categories, such as comparing cereals to other cereals and frozen entrees to other frozen entrees. They are also categorized into green, yellow, and red groups to identify healthier food faster. Green items are rated 71 and above tend to be higher in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and may also be rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, or whole grains. Our Registered Dietitians suggest these foods make up at least 50% of your cart. Yellow items are rated between 41 and 70 may have less nutritional value compared to foods with a score 71 and above. Our Registered Dietitians suggest these foods make up 40% or less of your cart. Red items are rated 40 or lower and may have less nutritional value compared to foods with a score 41 and above. Our Registered Dietitians suggest these foods make up 10% or less of your cart. We know you love all types of food and the key to healthy eating is all about balance. Save the red portion of your cart for items you really love. When you are willing to be more flexible and try new things, add more green items to your cart.

      The OptUP Score reflects the comprehensive Nutrition Ratings of food you've purchased over time. The higher the score, the more nutritious your purchases. By monitoring your score over time, you can better understand how your shopping habits relate to your overall nutrition.

      Our goal is to make it simple and sustainable for you to shop and eat well. Unlike other tools that help you reflect on the health and nutrition of your food, there is no tedious manual logging of food or meals required. Shop at one of the Kroger Co. Family of Stores and we will automatically do the work of analyzing your food.

      Our team of expert Registered Dietitians recommend aiming for an OptUP Score above 600. To achieve a score above 600, most of the food you purchase will need to have OptUP Nutrition Ratings above 60. This can help you eat the nutrients you need while still enjoying all your favorite foods. To reach this goal, our Registered Dietitians recommend filling at least 50% of your basket with green items (71-100 Nutrition Rating) and no more than 10% of your basket with red items (1-40 Nutrition Rating).

      Here is where you can "opt up" for healthier choices. For example, if your OptUP Score is 500, add more items to your cart that have a Nutrition Rating higher than 50. If your OptUP Score is 650, add more items to your cart that have a Nutrition Rating higher than 65. You can find the Nutrition Rating by tapping on a product to learn more.

      Looking for an easy way to increase your score? Add more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, or lean proteins to your basket.

      Already above the target range? Ask yourself if your goal should be to increase it further or look to maintain your OptUP Score month over month.

      Better for You options are similar but healthier and higher-rated versions of the foods and beverages you’re already shopping for. We include recommendations for similar products that make it easy for you to swap. Better for You options have higher OptUP nutrition ratings than the original item you were viewing. These suggestions have a healthier balance between more positive attributes, such as whole grains or fiber, and attributes that should be consumed mindfully, like added sugar or sodium.

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