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KC Natural Barbecue Sauce Paleo AIP Mastodon

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Naturally Gluten Free • Nightshade Free • Paleo AIP Friendly

Enjoy the first Paleo Certified BBQ sauce from Kansas City, the World Capital of BBQ. Our Mastodon sauce is completely free of nightshades, which include tomatoes and spices derived from peppers.

Kansas City-style BBQ is finally back on the menu for those who are highly allergen conscious or follow the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet.

Made with a base of carrots, molasses and pure maple with hints of fresh garlic, lemon and horseradish root, this sauce will be devoured by everyone at your next gathering.

Our Mastodon sauce can be used as a marinade, veggie dip - even a salad dressing!

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