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Kroger® Extra Large Advanced Antibacterial Fabric Bandages

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TRIPLE PAD TECHNOLOGY. Your Wellness Mentor. Advanced antibacterial fabric bandages help your wounds heal while you are on the move. For use on minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Use them after cleaning wounds to keep wounds well protected so that you can carry on with your day worry-free. Not made with natural rubber latex. Contents of unopened, undamaged package are sterile. 

  • Advanced Antibacterial
  • Helps Prevent Infection
  • Triple Pad Technology
  • Kills Bacteria†
  • 3X Absorbent Pad‡
  • Pain-Free Film*
  • Sterile
  • All One Size
  • Extra Large
  • 2 In. x 4 In.

†Antibacterial AgentBenzalkonium chloride kills bacteria and helps prevent infection.

‡3X Absorbent PadInnovative pad technology absorbs up to 3X more fluid than most leading bandages.

*Pain-Free Film Gentle, non-stick film protects wound from tearing and disruption.

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