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Mercola Keto Krill Oil Capsules

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Now you can fire up your brainpower, sharpen your mental edge and help apply the brakes to cognitive decline with a brain-boosting keto blend of "smart" nutrients. Our Keto Krill® is a whole different approach to cognitive enhancement. While some may be willing to experiment with uncertain and unproven substances to improve brain function, I don’t believe it’s worth risking your mind, body or personal well-being. Cognitive health boosting nutrients, or nootropics as they are sometimes called, should be harmless, non-addictive and free from significant and possible harmful side effects.


  • Anyone who wants to enhance their thinking skills, memory and focus.
  • Professionals, artists and entrepreneurs who want to boost their productivity and creativity with calm, relaxed focus.
  • Athletes who need to perform optimally and decisively under pressure with focus and mental clarity.
  • Active adults over 55 who want to help maintain their overall brain health and peak mental performance well into their senior years.

Our Keto Krill® is designed to help you sharpen your mental edge and even help turn back the signs of brain cellular aging.It’s made up of a super krill oil that, compared to regular krill oil, contains more phospholipids and more DHA and EPA – two of the most valuable nootropics – and several other cognitive enhancing substances.

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