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Nature's Way Garlicin Cardiovascular Health Smart Release Enteric-Coated Tablets

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To Deliver The Clinically Proven Allicin Potency, An Effective Garlic Supplement Must Have The Following:

High Enzyme Activity: Garlic is unique among herbs because its active compound, allicin, is not present until the special enzyme allinase is activated. This occurs when garlic is crushed or moistened. Garlicin® is made from a superior garlic powder, specially processed to deliver maximum allinase activity.

100% Stomach Acid Protection: In only two seconds, stomach acid completely deactivates allinase thus eliminating the potential for allicin production. Garlicin''s proprietary enteric-coating provides over two hours of acid protection delivering the tablet and its allinase safely to the intestine.

Rapid Disintegration: Once in the intestine the garlic tablet must rapidly disintegrate in order to fully activate the allinase enzyme and produce allicin - all in about 45 minutes! Only Garlicin® has been proven to disintegrate this fast and release its claimed allicin potency.

Accurate Allicin Release Measurement: Simple dissolving crushed garlic tablets in water can produce a high allicin release. But when the same tablets are tested under gastrointestinal conditions according to U S Pharmacopoeia test method 724A, their actual allicin release (as will be produced within the body) is significantly less. Using this more sophisticated test method, Garlicin® is the only leading enteric-coated brand to meet its allicin release as stated on the label.

The SmartRelease® Difference: Garlicin''s proprietary enteric-coating provides 100% protection from stomach acid. Once in the intestine, Garlicin® completely disintegrates in about 45 minutes providing maximum allicin release.

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