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Pure Advantage Whey Advantage Protein Powder Vanilla

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Pure Protein, Pure Quality, Pure Results:

Pure Advantage''s Whey Advantage uses a superior source of whey proteins and milk protein isolate [containing casein and whey] for the ultimate multi-functional time released protein. Since whey rapidly increases protein synthesis and casein blocks protein breakdown, Whey Advantage is the ideal combination of sustained amino acid availability.

Whey Advantage offers a powerful supply of ingredients to help maximize lean muscle mass and increase recovery potential. This protein blend provides an optimal release of amino acids into the bloodstream to potentiate and support gains in lean muscle mass.

Whey Advantage contains a source of bioactive milk compounds (microlactin) which have been clinically proven to promote healthy joint function and speed up recovery time. Microlactin may also help decrease joint pain and stiffness while significantly improving mobility and range of motion.

Whey Advantage is also enhanced with L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue and it''s responsible for the recovery and repair of muscle tissue. L-Glutamine also helps maintain a healthy immune system .

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