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Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt Light Grey Celtic®

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Celtic Sea Salt® Brand is alive with vital minerals which is why it is the best sea salt for those seeking wellbeing and exquisite taste.  Our Light Grey Celtic® sea salt is a whole raw crystal filled with mineral rich brine and an alkaline pH which are essential for sodium assimilation in the body.  The brine has key minerals and trace elements for magnesium, calcium and potassium in the perfect ratio that has won the Recommendation of Doctors, Nutritionists, and Chefs worldwide since 1976. 

Celtic Sea Salt® enhances the taste of any dish while adding essential nutrients to your diet, with zero additives.  Our sustainable harvesting methods combine tradition with innovation designed to preserve the vital balance of the ocean''s minerals.

Being 3rd generation family owned we choose sustainable practices to help preserve this planet for generations to come.  Celtic Sea Salt® is 100% responsibly sourced always!

Our 40+ years expertise as the leading sea salt brand has given us the knowledge of quality standards you should expect from a high mineral sea salt:

  • Regular Inspection at Harvesting Site
  • Fair Business Practices with our Farmers
  • 3rd Party Laboratory Analyzed to Confirm Mineral Content and  pH

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